Chalktober Fest and all things art with Sally Macaulay - Marietta Stories Podcast!
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Chalktober Fest and all things art with Sally Macaulay

Chalktober Fest and all things art with Sally Macaulay

Sally is the dynamic executive director of the Marietta / Cobb Museum of Art. Over her 8 years, she has grown the museum and reached out to the community to support art and build the community through art.

Chalktoberfest is a huge deal and is happening October 8 and 9th, 2016 in the Marietta Square. Three years ago when Chalktoberfest started there were 40 artists. Since then it has grown every year and this year there are 88 artists from 3 countries!

The theme of this years Chaltoberfest is the old masters and includes 3D chalk and vertical boards (plywood with house paint).

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Listen to the episode!Previous guests share their updates!

Mary Jane Huegel is not feeling well and sent me this update to include…

Well this is a trip I make every year about the first of September. I am just over the summers in Atlanta and need a change from the heat!  One of my best friends, and also someone I teach art with has a place up there! One year we go with our spouses and then the following year we invite artists to paint!

It started when Ginny and I took a trip to San Miquel de Allende, Mexico for a Tim Horn are class!  I’ll never forget because it was my 50th birthday! Wow what a gift to myself! But, Ginny and I made some nice new friends from all over the country! Ginny and I go back way before this… But now every other year many of the folks from the trip from San Miguel meet back up in Maine and paint together! We have a blast painting, sharing, enjoying Gods Amazing creation! I’ll send photos! But this year… Ginny and I asked our art students if they would like to come for an art workshop taught by Ginny and I to paint in Maine and we taught them all week! It was an amazing trip! So much happened! Prices coming!

We had 8 of our art students from Georgia come to paint! Ginny’s husband,Jim, is an amazing chef and he spoiled us at each meal! Not sure we can get him to do this again… as he and his sue chef where exhausted by the end of the week! Maybe I can get some testimonials from our student, if you want? Anyway, Ginny and I, gave them our all!  Ginny and I are really overjoyed and proud of these teachable art students and the progress they have made! I think I have found my calling! I love sharing what was so graciously given to me with others for their enjoyment! This is truly rewarding to me! I believe that art  in my life has brought about so much calming joy! I especially love painting Plein Aire (outside) as I just love being in nature!  I really need to share this with others. I love people. I want to help people if I can. It’s Not all about selling my art! Although, it is affirmation when people do purchase my art! But I’m reminded frequently, it was given to me for my enjoyment! So I continue to move in the emotions and love of my joy! So blessed to be able to do this! I have to say… I really do appreciate the precious collectors of my art. I hope and pray that my art brings you joy and happiness  and that you see its value everyday of your life! Truly that is my hope! There are many hard days when we as artist wonder why are we doing this!? It’s a tough gig! Seriously, I feel like I’ve been to med school! Somedays, It’s a love / hate relationship! But what can I do??? It’s who I am!

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