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Don Most of Happy Days coming to Marietta!

Don Most of Happy Days coming to Marietta!

Bill spoke with Don (Donny) Most, who is best know for his portrayal of Ralph Malph in the 1970’s #1 Hit Show of Happy Days. This show was seen by 50 to 60 million people each week, before there was cable and streaming service. Hear how this sudden fame changed Don’s life and how his love of acting and his  goal to just keep working acting and singing got him through.

Now you can see Don and Sandy Duncan (Peter Pan), Didi Conn (Frenchy on Grease) and Adrian Zmed (Romano from T.J. Hooker) at the Strand Theatre Tuesday the 18th through Sunday the 23rd of February!

See them perform Middletown, a play that takes you on a journey with 2 couples through the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Join Peg and Tom, Dotty and Don, as they share their story of love and friendship 33 years in the making.

“I wanted to tell a relatable every person’s story, in a direct and straightforward manner, where human emotions are the bells and whistles. I wanted the words to speak for themselves.” – Playwright Dan Clancy


Don Most sings!

Mans Best Friend Movie


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