From Loss to Advocacy, Missy Owen of the Davis Direction Foundation - Marietta Stories Podcast!
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From Loss to Advocacy, Missy Owen of the Davis Direction Foundation

From Loss to Advocacy, Missy Owen of the Davis Direction Foundation

Missy Owen (sorry I said Owens in the intro!) lost her son Davis to the disease of addiction. Davis didn’t fit the mold of an addict; he was class president in high school and loved by everyone.

Everything changed when Davis decided to take something from the medicine cabinet when he was having trouble sleeping. That one moment changed everything for Davis and his family.

After Davis overdosed, his mom Missy realized that a big gap in recovery was not having anywhere to go after successful rehab. In fact, you are 32% more likely to die after rehab than if you just continued using!

She found a 21,000 foot facility for sale and got them to lease it to her. She called it The Zone and with a whole bunch of work, donations and love, it has been thriving.

Now she wants to go nationwide and Build Communities of Recovery and is holding a conference her in Marietta September 26-29, 2018.

Check it out!



The Zone and Davis Direction

  • Missy Owen
    Posted at 13:30h, 11 February

    Thanks Bill, but I do need to clarify one statement. You are 32x more likely to overdose and die if you complete a 28 day rehab, because you reduce your tolerance to the drug, but your brain hasn’t healed. People overdose because they go back to using the amount they were using before they entered rehab and it’s enough to kill them after leaving rehab. That particular stat was researched before the widespread use of Naloxone as well, so I hope it is changing and more lives are being saved.

      Posted at 13:39h, 11 February

      Thanks! Got it.