Shahid Hussain of Kvalito - Marietta Stories Podcast!
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Shahid Hussain of Kvalito

Shahid Hussain of Kvalito

Shahid Hussain is working it. He made the USA his home 3 years ago, from England. Marietta was chosen as a spot close (but not too close) to his in-laws in Charleston, South Carolina.

He started a small business, Kvalito and has adapted it from a knick-knack store to more of a design studio. T-shirts, monograms, car wraps (yeah that’s a thing) pretty much anything you need to help your local business get noticed.

Shahid also helps the community. He sponsored a local football and recently sponsored an anti-bullying event at the store.

I think he is on to something. I like to be able to discuss my designs with someone instead of just ordering online and hoping it looks good!

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